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Music - Living Hope album

Living Hope album cover
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  Track Number & Title   Action
  1. Living Hope spoken intro   Play   Download
  2. Living Hope   Play   Download
  3. Just Wanna Be Home (*see warning below)   Play   Download
  4. You're Calling Me   Play   Download
  5. Let Go   Play   Download
  6. Rest In You (Enter Your Rest)   Play   Download
  7. You Remain   Play   Download
  8. Fly Like the Eagles (2008 ver.)   Play   Download
  9. Contentment   Play   Download
  10. A Cold Moon (inst.)   Play   Download
  11. It Is Done   Play   Download
  12. Nails of Sin (music ver)   Play   Download
  13. Theories Come, Theories Go   Play   Download
  14. Who Will Save Their Souls?   Play   Download
  15. Piano Do (live messaround)   Play   Download
  16. I Wanna Know You More   Play   Download
  17. All the Way My Savior Leads Me   Play   Download
  18. Exalting Praise (1996 live inst.)   Play   Download

Download Entire Album (ZIP file, 145MB)

All of the above tracks written, produced, and performed by Chris Long 1996-2008, except as follows:
Track 5 written by Becky Long - Copyright by Becky Long 1999. Used by permission.
Track 11 Words by Frank Harris. Music by Frank Harris & Chris Long. Used by permission.
Track 17 Words by Fanny Crosby, published 1875 - Public Domain. Music adapted from Robert Lowry's original tune as well as Rich Mullins' adaptation.

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Long, 2006-2008. All tracks Copyright by Chris Long 2008. All rights reserved.

*WARNING: see updated album liner notes below.

Album liner notes (updated 2021):

This album, completed in April 2008, is best described as an emotionally raw, somber, and eternity focussed album. While overall I believe it to be a fairly solid and worthwhile album, this is not necessarily the best choice if you are having major health or depression struggles. I consider the song "Just Wanna Be Home" one of the most beautiful songs I have ever recorded, but it is one that even I myself have to be in just the right frame of mind to listen to these days. Several songs on this album were written and recorded during a time when I was experiencing substantial health and emotional struggles and did not have some of the understandings on things that I have now. When I released this album, I honestly thought there was a very good chance that I would be Home with Jesus in the near future. With that said, there are many many gems on this album including "You're Calling Me", "Contentment", and "Exalting Praise" (a 9 1/2 minute live, largely "on the fly" instrumental composition/recording where the Spirit just flowed through my fingers).

Album liner notes (original 2008):

"1 Peter 1:3-9. We have a Living Hope that never fails. Even in those times when we feel we "just wanna be home" (Romans 8:22-25), He is an anchor that never wavers, never fails - our sustainer through this life leading us to the life to come. He Is our hope and He Is Alive! Our faith is in Him. We don't always understand what happens here and it certainly sometimes hurts, but one thing is clear: WE HAVE HOPE! Through our faith in Him, we will one day be forever with our Living Hope in Heaven. We will dance. We will rejoice. And we will be home. I'll see you there. - Chris Long, 2008"

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